About Us


We’re excited about the launch of the Future of the Humanities online Think Tank, and we hope you are too. Why this, and why now? It can be argued that debates about the “crisis of the humanities” have reached a tipping point, and that many people are shifting from gloom-and-doom hand wringing to tackling key structural problems, such as how to re-articulate the value of a humanities education, reform the graduate curriculum, reshape academic publishing, explore alternative careers for our students, eliminate unfair labor practices, diversify the academy, and mainstream the digital humanities.

We want this site to be a constructive place to explore proposals for change. Here you can read articles and participate in debates that can help shape positive, constructive change, not just in the humanities, but in all sectors of higher education. We like to think that the positive response to Paul and Jerry’s essay, “Fear of Being Useful” is another indicator that many people want to help revitalize the humanities. As the digital revolution is so important to these changes, it’s fitting we try out an online forum. We want this site to be collaborative. Please click the “follow” button above to stay in touch with the dialogue. We welcome your submissions (send us your articles, essays, links, events, and comments) as well as your ideas about how the design and content of the site could be improved.